Classic Man Barber Lounge

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Lakou Brands LLCĀ  recently launched a boutique barber lounge in NYC’s East Village called Classic Man Barber Lounge. Last year, they reached out to me for a modern yet clever illustrated logo. Here is the final result.

Here are the color options with added typography
from my good friend and fellow designer Shimeah Davis

Let’s take a look to see the design
approach and philosophy.
After a few conversations with the Classic Man business partners, I gained insight as to what their team wanted.

They wanted timeless, modern, classy, and multicultural.

So, after sharing the notes above, I began with sketches influence by ancient glyphs & modern geometry while keeping in mind that the multi-cultural audience.


After their team selected their favorite sketches, I refined the drawings into the presentations.

They eventually settled on Style 3 and Style 7 with an additional request that I combine them.


Here is the finalized branding ‘out in the wild’
amongst clients and events.